Powerful and Easy to Use

Increase efficency, accountability and effectiveness

The Media Hub provides a professional look and feel to file distribution, offering the robust functionality and security of a tried and tested product whilst providing you with a system which is entirely ‘your own’.

System features

Beautifully Intuitive

The Media Hub is used on a daily basis by global brands. No user training or installation of extra software is required. Admins stay in control of swiftly performing complex tasks.

Robust and Secure

The Media Hub has been road-tested by high profile global brands. They rely on the system to deliver mission critical projects on time and on budget. Every element of the Media Hub operates over HTTPS with an industry-standard 2048 bit SSL certificate.

Your System, Your Logo

The Media Hub is a white label product. Once your logo is added to the system it will appear on every page and every HTML email. There is no other branding, the system is yours.

Your Own Domain

Your Media Hub will be hosted by us but you will have your own unique domain. Either choose a subdomain such as mediahub.yourdomain.com or a new URL such as www.yourmediahub.com at no extra charge.

5-Star Customer Service

With over ten years’ experience of providing exceptional customer service, you will get to speak to real people who care. Call us on +44 (0)207 622 3242 to see for yourself.

User features

Incredibly Quick Sign Up

The Media Hub makes it simple for users to register for accounts, whilst important users such as key clients can be pre-registered so all they need to do is choose a password.

No Training Required

All files are arranged in a clear and intuitive folder structure. When a user logs in they are only presented with the folders that they have permission to view and a clear breadcrumb trail ensures they always know where they are.

Simple Search

Users can use the search box to quickly find the files they are looking for. Results are limited to the files and folders that they have permission to view.

Set User Upload Privileges

Groups of users can be granted permission to upload files into a particular folder using the drag n’ drop multiple file uploader. Admin users are automatically alerted via email with a link to the pending file. The Admin user can then choose to approve or reject the file.

Admin features

Create Unlimited User and Admin Accounts

No need to worry about the cost or scalability issues presented by other file sharing solutions - the Media Hub has you covered. Simply pre-register users or let people register themselves.

Create Groups

Any number of groups can be set up and users assigned to them. This can either be done when you register/approve users or at any point in the future. Groups have access to folders with the option to upload files into that folder if required.

Manage Folder Structure

Admins have complete control over the folder structure which allows them to arrange files in the most effective manner. They can add, delete, move and archive folders with ease.

Fill Folders with Files

Our multiple file upload system is as simple as selecting the documents you want to upload then dragging them into the browser. Any type of file can be uploaded and the system will accept files in excess of 2GB.

Assign Folder Permissions

Set which groups can view which folders. Users will only see the folders that their groups have access to. Easily restrict sensitive materials and use the Media Hub for multiple projects.

Track File Downloads

Easily track what files are being downloaded, when they are downloaded and by whom. This powerful feature improves accountability and is incredibly useful for project managers. View the most popular download and latest upload on the homepage.

Send Group Messages

Save valuable time by sending a quick email to all the users in a group or a selection of groups. Send yourself a preview and view a list of recipients before sending the message.

Quick Send Files

Need to send a file to someone who isn’t registered? No problem. Send a link to anyone with an email address. Set how long the link stays active, include a note and choose whether to receive an email each time the file is downloaded.

Set Notifications per Admin User

If an admin user isn’t involved in a project then simply turn off email notifications for the top level folder. This reduces inbox clutter and makes your team more efficient.

The Media Hub improves productivity and promotes your brand






Red Bull


“Swerve have excelled at providing us with a user friendly document management system within budget and meeting all our requirements. The system is very simple to use and I have had many compliments from the diverse user base on the success and usability of the it.”

Sara Leach, Marketing Manager - ECB